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On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 2:47 PM, Arkapravo Bhaumik <
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> Hey Guys
> Just wanted to ask you, for python specific do you all recommend any
> particular IDE ?
> I have been using Dr.Python (which is WOW ! ) , Scite and recently trying
> out Komodo IDE. I have seen there is a great drive to use eclipse , in the
> industry. What IDE you guys use ?
> Regards
> Arkapravo
Although not a complete IDE, I suggest trying VIM/GVIM. With some
modifications it is possible to have IDE like features on it:
Python and vim: Make your own

To me adding IPython on top of this, the fastest and most productive it gets
for my coding needs. However, once in a while I load Eclipse+PyDev for its
useful visual debugging features.

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