[SciPy-dev] [announce] scikits.sparse v0.1, wrapper for CHOLMOD (and hopefully more)

Gael Varoquaux gael.varoquaux@normalesup....
Mon Dec 14 06:47:04 CST 2009

On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 03:18:38AM -0800, Nathaniel Smith wrote:
> As mentioned previously[0], I've written a scipy.sparse-compatible
> wrapper for the CHOLMOD sparse Cholesky routines. I considered making
> it 'scikits.cholmod' (cf. scikits.umfpack), but creating a new scikit
> every time someone needs a sparse linear algebra routine seems like it
> will become very silly very quickly, so instead I hereby declare the
> existence of 'scikits.sparse' as a home for all such routines. (Of
> course, it currently only contains scikits.sparse.cholmod).

Cool. I wish that you will pick up momentum.


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