[SciPy-dev] Suppressing of numpy __mul__, __div__ etc

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Mon Dec 14 12:16:13 CST 2009

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Тема: Re: [SciPy-dev] Suppressing of numpy __mul__, __div__ etc  
  2009/12/14 Dmitrey <tmp50@ukr.net>  
> I don't think the field name '__do_not_treat_as_scalar__ ' is a good  
> choice. At first, it will be unclear what it is used for, at 2nd, some users  
> / classes, that certainly are not scalars with overloaded __rdiv__ etc  
> sometimes will prefer numpy __div__ method to be used.  
> As for me, I would prefer something like '__use_self_operators = True' or  
> '__use_numpy_operations = False' or '__involve_self_overloaded_methods__ =  
> True'.  
> I have to release FuncDesigner tomorrow (to keep my quarterly schedule) so  
> please inform me ASAP which name do you finally choose.  
> Thank you in advance, D.  
I think it should have numpy or ndarray in the name somewhere to indicate  
that it is numpy specific. Hmm <looks in thesaurus>, maybe,  
__reject_ndarray__, ...  
My preference among those would be __deny_ndarray__.    
But isn't the issue present with numpy matrices or scipy.sparse matrices as well?  
So I guess instead of ndarray another word should be used.D.  
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