[SciPy-dev] updating the numpy/scipy versions in Linux distros

Werner Hoch werner.ho@gmx...
Sat Feb 7 03:57:33 CST 2009

Hi all,

here are some notes about openSUSE.

numpy and scipy are not part of the openSUSE core distribution but 
several projects in the openSUSE BuildService are packaging and using 
scipy and numpy. (https://build.opensuse.org/)

I've maintained numpy and scipy for a while in the science project.
Now both packages are maintained in the Education project.

Misc links:

The current version are
  numpy 1.2.1
  scipy 0.6.0

I think as soon as scipy 0.7.0 is out the package will be updated in the 
Education project.

Lars has added some patches to scipy 0.6.0 to fix some compilation 
warnings in the Education project. I don't know if he has reported them 
upstream to the scipy project.
openSUSE_11.1 has some strict rules about compilation warnings. The 
compiler warnings are checked after the build some warnings are treated 
as errors.

In my privat project (not published) I've created a test build for scipy 

The buildservice complains that scipy 0.7.0rc2 has the following errors:
I: Program is using implicit definitions of special functions.
these functions need to use their correct prototypes to allow
the lightweight buffer overflow checking to work.
- Implicit memory/string functions need #include <string.h>.
- Implicit *printf functions need #include <stdio.h>.
- Implicit *printf functions need #include <stdio.h>.
- Implicit *read* functions need #include <unistd.h>.
- Implicit *recv* functions need #include <sys/socket.h>.
E: python-scipy implicit-fortify-decl 

I: Program returns random data in a function
E: python-scipy no-return-in-nonvoid-function 
54, 34, 14

I: Program causes undefined operation
(likely same variable used twiceand post/pre incremented in the same 
e.g. x = x++; Split it in two operations.
E: python-scipy sequence-point 
E: python-scipy sequence-point 

I'm attaching the patches from Lars (they are against scipy 0.6.0)

Maybe someone can review them and integrate them into scipy.

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