[SciPy-dev] Bessel functions from Boost

Ondrej Certik ondrej@certik...
Sun Feb 8 21:38:02 CST 2009

>> I completely agree with Michael here. Why not to use mpmath? It's bsd,
>> it started as part of sympy and it was the GSoC project for sympy the
>> last year. It's pretty competitive with gmp (e.g. for the pi digits
>> calculations, it's even faster than Sage, unless Sage fixed that
>> already), but one doesn't have to use gmp, if one doesn't want to.
>> And I think both Fredrik and other mpmath and sympy developers would
>> help to make mpmath working with scipy. Definitely I would. I think
>> that's a better option, than to port some boost stuff and then you
>> would have to maintain it. If you use mpmath, all of us win, imho.
> ??? For implementing a C ufunc?

Using Cython? If it's as fast as anything else, why not. If it's not
as fast, then that would be a reason not to use it.


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