[SciPy-dev] Bessel functions from Boost

Ondrej Certik ondrej@certik...
Sun Feb 8 22:34:51 CST 2009

>>>> ??? For implementing a C ufunc?
>>> Using Cython? If it's as fast as anything else, why not. If it's not
>>> as fast, then that would be a reason not to use it.
>> Well, show me the code.  :-)

I say that usually. :)

>> I wasn't aware that mpmath could be Cythonized. If it can, and the
>> result is reasonably fast, that would be *really* useful.
> I believe Ondrej was talking about using Cython to reduce call overhead,
> not to Cythonize mpmath which might or might not pay off.


> Given that Cepehes does not do arbitrary precision taking a look at
> mpmath before you decide to reinvent the wheel seems like a good idea. I
> don't really see the problem since mpmath works and in some cases is
> competitive with MPFR. And I don't meant that silly Pi to some 10^X
> computation which isn't particularly useful in the real world. It is
> quite hard to do arbitrary precision arithmetic and numerically stable
> special functions, so building on top of mpmath has its advantages.

Plus given that there are people who can help out with this.


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