[SciPy-dev] on-line lectures and new text book using python, numpy, scipy

John Stachurski john.stachurski@gmail....
Thu Feb 19 19:22:47 CST 2009

Hi all,

Thanks to all scipy and numpy developers for creating a great package.

I'm an economist researching computational techniques, and I'm trying
to wean economists off MATLAB and onto python/numpy/scipy.  I have
a book just published through MIT Press on computational economics
using python:


I've also written a fairly comprehensive set of lectures on python/numpy/
scipy with applications in economics


I've added them to this page:


listed under "Other".  I hope people find them useful.  All feedback is most

Regards, John.

John Stachurski
Born to fish, forced to work
Visit me at http://johnstachurski.net

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