[SciPy-dev] matlab io - request for testing

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Fri Feb 20 11:05:49 CST 2009

Hi Ariel,

Here's a wave up the hill.

>     mat_file = sio.loadmat('file_name.mat')
>     variable_values = mat_file['field_name'].variable
> Has to now be written:
>     mat_file = sio.loadmat('file_name.mat')
>     field_values = mat_file['field_name'][0][0].variable[0][0]

That's surprising.  For a long time now, the reader has always
returned at least 2D arrays from matlab, so the latter is what I was

Are you sure this is a difference between 0.7 and current SVN?  Can
you check and then send me an example mat file with different behavior
for the two versions?

See you,


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