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Kevin Daley still.horse@gmail....
Sat Feb 21 20:47:05 CST 2009

Hi, all.

Just want to let everyone know I'm here.  Name's Kevin Daley, from Atlanta.

What I know:
                      everything through linear algebra
                      Lie calculus/Functional Calculus/Geometric
Calculus (usually)
                      chaos theory
                      differential geometry (still needs a bit of polishing)
                      Functional Integrals
                      Stochastic calculus
                      Fourier Theory/Harmonic Analysis/Wavelets


                       Everything through Classical Mechanics (of course)
                       Statistical Thermodynamics
                       General Relativity/ESCK gravity (still needs a
little work)
                       Quantum Electrodynamics (am learning quantum optics)
                       Fluid Dynamics/Plasmas/Turbulence
                       statistical mechanics/information theory (some)
                       physical neuroscience/EEG analysis

                       Python (8 years' experience.  also fluent in C/C++)
                       GPU parallelism (approx. 2-year CUDA
experience, learning OpenCL)
                       a variety of grid-based simulation techniques
(the list is too long)
                       wavelet compression (a little)
                       computer graphics (a lot)
                       basic FEM/level-set stuff
                       bunch of api-level stuff: OpenGL,
cg/glsl/hlsl, most widely-used python modules (and a few very arcane
                        excellent verbal skills.

when I'm available:
         most of the time.

what I am most excited to help with:
        suggesting and helping out with new features/enhancements,
extensions to new platforms, optimizations of numeric methods, user
interface, integration with other modules.
Everyone at scipy has been doing a great job...it's great software.
But I don't see why we can't compete with industry technology's
feature set----while providing extra modularity, flexibility,
portability, and extensibility.

You'll hear back from me soon.  Cheers!
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