[SciPy-dev] some new ode solvers

John Travers jtravs@gmail....
Sun Feb 22 18:36:01 CST 2009

at 12:21 AM, Robert Kern <robert.kern@gmail.com> wrote:
> * Typo: "first 0rder"

Fixed. This was also in the original fortran code.

> * You're missing dop.pyf

Fixed in the attached patch.

> * I don't like the conditional imports inside the classes.

Neither do I, but as I said, I followed the coding style already in ode.py

> * Don't print things. Use warnings.warn() if you must.

Same as above. I might get round to cleaing this if I find time, but
generally I don't
like to change others code.

> But otherwise, +1.

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