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Nathan Bell wnbell@gmail....
Tue Feb 24 17:32:17 CST 2009

On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 6:18 PM, Rob Clewley <rob.clewley@gmail.com> wrote:
> I would hesitate to make the model as strong as "ownership". Maybe
> "curator"? I don't mean to play with semantics but the choice of
> language for the model will be important in giving the right
> impression to new and/or timid users/contributors (myself included)
> who don't need to be put off getting involved because of perceived
> responsibilities. Ownership suggests a strict hierarchy, and potential
> curators will be less likely to get involved if the workflow model
> labels them "owners." Also, this perception also enables non-owners
> (who might perceive themselves as unqualified to help) to justify
> leaving the poor blighters to do everything by themselves.
> I don't want to have the responsibility of "owning" anything about the
> existing code for ODE solving (and maybe some other numerical
> methods), even though I have some stake in it. But I'll happily share
> in some of the reviewing and possibly testing of changes and
> improvements to that code.
> So, can't there be informal teams of curatorship so that not everyone
> involved has to be really familiar with the tools discussed in the
> other thread?! Unfortunately I cannot afford the time to ride the
> waves of changing fashion in VCS, etc.
> Wouldn't this help to get more people involved? ... those many people
> that Gael correctly assumes are out there but staying silent!

I wouldn't get too hung-up on the word "owner".  I think the necessary part
is that one or more people feel some level of responsibility for each
component of scipy.

As an example, in Trac you can configure an "owner" (their term, not mine)
for each component.  When a ticket is issued the owner will receive an
email.  For simple fixes, this facilitates quick turn around.  Ideally, each
component would have at least one owner who was notified when tickets are

Here's the current list:

Name                                 Owner
Build issues          cdavid
Other                 somebody
Trac                  somebody
Website               somebody
numexpr               cookedm
scipy.cluster         somebody
scipy.fftpack         somebody
scipy.integrate       somebody
scipy.interpolate     somebody
scipy.io              somebody
scipy.lib             somebody
scipy.linalg          somebody
scipy.maxentropy      somebody
scipy.misc            somebody
scipy.ndimage         somebody
scipy.odr             cdavid
scipy.optimize        somebody
scipy.signal          somebody
scipy.sparse          wnbell
scipy.sparse.linalg   wnbell
scipy.spatial         peridot
scipy.special         somebody
scipy.stats           somebody
scipy.weave           somebody

Nathan Bell wnbell@gmail.com
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