[SciPy-dev] Scipy workflow (and not tools).

josef.pktd@gmai... josef.pktd@gmai...
Thu Feb 26 16:09:14 CST 2009

> Contributing to SciPy is easy and anyone can do it.  Here is what you do:
> * Create a branch using git/bzr/hg (we have to pick one).
> * Write your code.
> * Add tests and documentation to your code.
> * Run the test suite
> * Post your branch to github/launchpad/bitbucket
> * Submit your branch for review using...
> When someone is eager to write code, this is what they need!!!

For bug fixes and small changes to scipy and if someone wants to
submit some tests, this is a pretty bit of work, if you don't have the
infrastructure set up for it.

For example to be able to upload to a branch on launchpad, I was
struggling several hours with the ssl authorization which was screwed
up in my bazar install.
When I am looking and using some open source project and I want to
report some problems and propose some fixes, I don't want to have to
install a new revision control system such as git, create accounts at
several websites, just to report some bugfixes as in the story of
Alex. To require a complete rebuild of scipy and creating branches for
changing several lines of code and adding some tests, seems a lot to
demand for someone that doesn't already have the particular full
development environment installed.

So while the decentralized version control will help those developers
that want to get more strongly involved, we shouldn't make it sound
like that is the only way to contribute.
On the other hand, it is clear that the more work it is for committing
and reviewing developers the slower will be a response, especially for
parts of scipy that doesn't have a "maintainer".


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