[SciPy-dev] The future of SciPy and its development infrastructure

Prabhu Ramachandran prabhu@aero.iitb.ac...
Fri Feb 27 13:53:56 CST 2009

On 02/27/09 11:18, David Cournapeau wrote:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corkscrew_(program)
> My .ssh/config looks like this for github
> Host gitproxy
>         User git
>         HostName ssh.github.com
>         Port 443
>         ProxyCommand /usr/bin/corkscrew www  3128 %h %p
>         IdentityFile /home/david/.ssh/id_rsa.pub
> Where www is the name of my proxy and 3128 the port.
> FWIW, svn has similar problems. I could never commit anything from a
> former internship location because of some proxy limitations - it is one
> of the reasons which pushed me into git for scipy development, actually.
> If you can't access either ssh or proxy, my experience is that you are
> more or less screwed with any tool out there - but with DVCS, you can at
> least put your changes aside and commit them later from an easier
> connection.

Thanks for the information.  Unfortunately this doesn't seem to work for 
me although the network policy isn't anywhere as draconian as yours 
was/is.  I tried cloning using different approaches but none seems to 
work, maybe I'm doing something wrong:

  1. I setup my .ssh/config suitably based on the above (and 
experimented with various options)

Host github.com
         User git
         HostName github.com # also tried ssh.github.com
         Port 443
         ProxyCommand /usr/bin/corkscrew my_proxy.iitb.ac.in  80 %h %p 
         IdentityFile /home/prabhu/.ssh/id_dsa.pub

  2. $ git clone --origin svn git://github.com/pv/scipy-svn.git scipy.git

And it does not work at all.  I get this:

Initialized empty Git repository in /.../scipy.git/.git/

and nothing for a long while and eventually something like this:

github.com[0:]: errno=Connection timed out
fatal: unable to connect a socket (Connection timed out)
fetch-pack from 'git://github.com/pv/scipy-svn.git' failed.

svn has worked well for me in this regard.  I have always been able to 
checkin and checkout stuff with svn.

Finally, this worked:
proxycmd git clone --origin svn http://github.com/pv/scipy-svn.git scipy.git

proxycmd is just a simple shell script that prompts for my password and 
sets up the http_proxy for the subsequent command.


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