[SciPy-dev] almost doubled the number of tests

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Sat Jan 3 16:45:52 CST 2009

Jarrod Millman wrote:
> In preparation for the upcoming release, I was comparing the number of
> tests in 0.6.0 to the number on the trunk:
>   0.6.0:  Ran 2266 tests in 203.503s
>   Trunk: Ran 3990 tests in 392.357s

This is great.  Do you know what the function coverage is (i.e., what 
percentage of functions have direct tests)?



> I knew that a large number of test had been written over the last
> year, but I was very pleased to see that we nearly doubled the number.
>  Thanks to everyone who contributed new tests over the last year.
> Increasing our test coverage is extremely important.   Importantly, it
> makes it easier to refactor the code without worrying about
> regressions creeping in without being noticed.  Hopefully, this trend
> will continue and we will add nearly 2000 new tests over the next
> year.
> Jarrod
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