[SciPy-dev] Single precision FFT

Tiziano Zito opossumnano@gmail....
Wed Jan 7 03:48:14 CST 2009

> >> Has there been any progress on the single precision FFT front?
> > For anyone moderately familiar with f2py and numpy, it would not take
> > much time, since it would mostly be a copy and paste of the existing
> > code for the low-level wrapper, and a bit careful work to avoid breaking
> > any public API for the high-level wrapper,
> I think this would make a very good GSOC project.  I heard that some
> students were interested in working on Scipy.

If this is going to be scheduled for the 0.8 release, I think I can
try to add the single precision fft wrappers in the next months. 
I'll report here if things get more complicated than expected!


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