[SciPy-dev] 2009 Google Summer of Code

Jarrod Millman millman@berkeley....
Mon Jan 12 21:34:33 CST 2009

Google has announced that it will be running Summer of Code and Google
Highly Open Participation Contest again this summer.  Due to the
current economic climate, the SoC will be smaller this year.  But the
participant stipends will remain the same amount as last year.

SciPy has participated in the SoC for the last several years.  Our
involvement in this program has been extremely productive.  Last year
there were several NumPy/SciPy related projects including:

  NumPy test framework enhancement
  Alan McIntyre

  Developing Cython for Easy NumPy Integration
  Dag Sverre Seljebotn

  Moving OpenOpt Forward
  Dmitrey Kroshko

While it isn't certain that we will get any student proposals
accepted, it is important to start developing proposals now.  Please
feel free to send ideas to the list or use the wiki:

For instance, here are a few ideas for SoC projects that I have been
thinking about:

  - Port NumPy/SciPy to Python 3.0

  - Date/time types

  - integrate Jonathan Taylor's statistical models into scipy.stats.

  - improve datasource and integrate it into all the numpy/scipy io

  - clean up, refactor scipy package structure:
    scipy.lib, scipy.misc, scipy.stsci

  - modernize, clean-up scipy.weave/numpy.f2py, integrate fast-vectorize


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