[SciPy-dev] cut-and-paste error in scipy\io\matlab\mio5.py

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Tue Jan 13 15:10:24 CST 2009


> I tried some more after this change to my local scipy, and I got soon
> stuck again. From matlab I just dumped the entire workspace, with
> different structs and function handles, and I ended up with
> TypeErrors, which I guess are actually not implemented types.

Thanks again.  Several of the newer readers are not tested properly.
They need examples.  Can you make small examples of the things that
will not load, preferably as single variable .mat files, and post them

See the matlab/io/tests/gen_mat5files.m for some examples of
generating .mat files.

Thanks a lot - it's very useful to have good feedback,


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