[SciPy-dev] SciPy 0.7.x branch frozen

Jarrod Millman millman@berkeley....
Wed Jan 14 00:36:47 CST 2009

The SciPy 0.7.x branch is now frozen.  The trunk remains open for
development.  Please do *not* make any commits to the branch from now
until 0.7.0 final is released.  If you have a bug fix you want
included in the 0.7.x series, please commit it to the trunk and send
an email to the dev-list asking for it to be reviewed and backported.

I will tag 0.7.0rc1 tomorrow and, unless something unexpected turns
up, the 0.7.0 final release will be tagged a little over one week
later.  Here is the release schedule:

  1/13  0.7.x branch frozen
  1/14  0.7.0rc1 tagged
  1/15  0.7.0rc1 announced, binaries posted to sourceforge
  1/24  0.7.0 tagged
  1/26  0.7.0 announced, binaries posted to sourceforge

A 0.7.1 release is scheduled for sometime in February (the exact date
will depend on exactly what issues are reported and fixed with 0.7.0).

Thanks to everyone who has helped get this release ready.  0.7 is a
very significant release in terms of features, bug-fixes, testing,
documentation, license compliance, and release process.  I am looking
forward to the 0.8 release and will send a separate email to start
discussing the 0.8 development roadmap.


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