[SciPy-dev] Doc Marathon Skypecon reminder and last week's minutes

David Goldsmith d_l_goldsmith@yahoo....
Tue Jul 7 14:31:01 CDT 2009

Good day, Marathon runners!  Just a friendly reminder that our weekly Skypecon to discuss all things NumPy Doc related will be tomorrow, Wednesday, July 8, 19:00 UTC.  Email me any agenda items (mine: the low participation this last week on the category of the week - is there a "systemic" problem of which I need to be aware, or was it just a bad concurrence of everyone being either swamped or on vacation at the same time?), and please make sure I have your SkypeID sufficiently in advance.  Below are the Minutes from last week's meeting.  Also, remember that we hope to "finish" the Linear Algebra category by tomorrow (at the rate we're going, however, I think I'll say we hope to finish by 23:59 UTC tomorrow, as opposed to 19:00 UTC).  Talk to you tomorrow, hopefully!

David Goldsmith
Technical Editor
Olympia, WA

Numpy Doc Summer '09 Marathon
July 1, 2009 Skypecon Minutes

Start: 19:10 UTC
End: 19:30 UTC

David Goldsmith, Secretary
Ralf Gommers
Pauli Virtanen


0)	Status of Patch #1146.

Ready, more or less, for adoption (later ID-ed one more “little detail” to add, which Pauli agreed to take care of).

1)	Clarification of how to document object methods which are equivalent to a numpy function

Explanation in new “Questions and Answers” section of the Wiki.

Next Skypecon: Wednesday, July 8, 19:00 UTC


Only one drop-out this time – yeah!


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