[SciPy-dev] threaded fftw + blitz + weave

M Trumpis mtrumpis@berkeley....
Thu Jul 16 19:23:08 CDT 2009

I just finished reworking some code I wrote a while ago that drives
FFTW in parallel for repeated transforms. My original code only
operated in a restrictive manner, but I finally got around to letting
it run in arbitrarily strided arrays. The idea is to plan an FFT of a
certain structure on one thread, and then split the data up and apply
the plan on multiple threads. (Since I work with images and like my
arrays to be centered at N/2, my implementation has the threads do
some change of variables magic with hairy strided pointer
walking--more memory efficient than fftshift.)

I'm wondering if people think this could be useful, and if it would be
a small effort to bring it to scipy?

here's a look at the c++ code and the weave wrapping

The code is definitely working and passes comparison tests within
reasonable accuracy. That said, it's sure to be rough around the edges
(I'm not terribly careful coding in C++).


*If an N-D array is to be split up into T transforms (of any rank R <=
N), and T can be split evenly into P threads, then the tool
parallelizes the fft calls

*inplace and out of place xforms

*shifted or non-shifted xforms


*no Microsoft threads (no clue how they work)
*no real-to-complex or c2r transforms
*no fftw plan caching -- other than what the fftw libs keep persistent
*may not work for negatively strided arrays.. haven't checked
*definitely won't work for funky strides (==0) of course

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