[SciPy-dev] Update and "open issues"

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Wed Jul 22 14:34:06 CDT 2009

OK, since no one's RSVP-ed in the affirmative, and no one's Skyping me, I'll just post an "Update and Open Issues":


0) Jack Liddle has fulfilled his promise to draft a Scipy "Milestones" page (i.e., analogous to the Numpy "Milestones" page):


Nice job, Jack, thanks!!!

1) I've added "Reviewer Guidelines" for both technical and presentation
reviewers to the "Questions and Answers" page on the Numpy Wiki (please discuss these there).

2) "Basic Objects" on the Numpy "Milestones" page is all but Goal Met - only two (not Unimportant) items remain to be brought to "Needs Review" status: ndarray.strides (I'll give it the old "college try," but I'd really appreciate it if someone w/ a "deeper" understanding _and_ a talent for clear explanation could try to tackle this one), and numpy.ufunc (i.e., the class itself) about which there's an Open Issue (see below).

Open Issues

0) Presently, _class_ numpy.ufunc is documented as if it were a function, and not to function spec to boot (albeit for reasons which make some sense once you see how it deviates).  IMO, it should be documented as the class that it is, but I'm sympathetic to the reason(s) it's done as it presently is, so I'm open to being convinced.  However, it's present deviations are inconsistent w/ the pydocweb application, so if we keep it "as is," we need to decide whether we care, and if so, ticket(s) to make the ap compliant need to filed.

The rest are courtesy of Ralf:

1) Ralf would "like to be able to do a few more things on the wiki like make things 'Unimportant,' set things to 'Reviewed, Needs Work,' etc. (That way [he doesn't] have to leave comments in the hope Pauli will spot them eventually. [He's] always hesitant to add things to [Pauli's] mountain of TODOs.)"

2) An update on prospects for future funding.  (Joe?)  (Perhaps I, DG, should add this to the 'Q&A' so that Joe has a convenient way and place to update us all as things develop...)

OK, that's what I have; email me anything you want to add.



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