[SciPy-dev] Category of the week

d_l_goldsmith@yaho... d_l_goldsmith@yaho...
Thu Jul 23 12:52:11 CDT 2009

Hi, again!  So, how'd we do on last week's (second) "category" of the week (about NaN treatment in masked arrays, IIRC)?  I focused on getting the "Basic Objects" section done, so I really didn't follow progress on the other.  Anyway, time for a new one: the remaining (un-led) categories requiring substantial work are:

"Fourier Transforms," "Other Random Operations," "Masked Arrays (I) and IV," "Operations on Masks," "Even More MA Functions I & II," "Numpy Internals," "C-types," "Other Math," & "Other Array Subclasses."

If a cat-leader wants to recruit helpers by nominating their cat, those are:

"Financial Functions" (Skipper Seabold), "Random Number Generation" (Alan Jackson), and "Masked Arrays III" (Scott Sinclair).

Finally, our "category" of the week could be simply to move all "Goal met (almost)"s to "**Goal Met!**" status; these are:

"Array Manipulation," "Functional Operations," "Ndarray II," and "Ufunc."


PS: What's w/ all the uncategorized white and light grey's one sees on the "All Docstrings" page?


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