[SciPy-dev] Special assignment for someone w/ "Unimportant" privileges

David Goldsmith d_l_goldsmith@yahoo....
Thu Jul 23 17:45:33 CDT 2009

OK, I promoted a few white ones on the Milestones page to light grey, counted the remainder (most in one or the other of the MA categories) and then cut, paste, and "counted" all the white ones on the "All docstrings" page: the ratio is about 5:1 (300:60).  So I look more closely at some of the white ones on the All docstrings page and see things like: 




Shouldn't the former (and many like it) be classified as "Unimportant"?  And why wasn't the latter (and many like it) included in the category of its namespace?

So, the "Special Assignment" for someone who has the permissions to do this (I don't) is to go through the white ones (at the very least) on the All docstrings page and reclassify as "Unimportant" those for which such a reclassification is appropriate.  Let be any that you're unsure of, but compile a list of 'em, and post it at the Q & A page for others to contribute their opinions (or expert decree).

As for the categorizable uncategorized ones, unless someone tells me why they weren't categorized, I'll go ahead and do that.



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