[SciPy-dev] Homogenizing stats & mstats

Bruce Southey bsouthey@gmail....
Fri Jul 24 21:07:59 CDT 2009

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> Great ! That's quite useful. Now, if I may ask for a bit more, what
> would you see in a descriptive.py and in a stattest.py ?

Attached is my first attempt at this based on what I started ages ago
so it is probably not current. It is a csv file with columns:

Function Name: name of the function in files

Array: Array function where Stats= stats.py, MoreStats=- morestats.py
or blank if not present

Masked: Masked array function where Mbasic=mstats_basic.py,
Mextra=mstats_extras.py or blank if not present

Support: functions found in the _support.py

Type: In most cases it is obvious where they should go but this column
has my (incorrect) guesses at the possible location:
a) Internal function: small function defined in another function. I
pulled these out in case of duplicated functions but probably should
just disappear.
b) Utility function: Appear to be helper functions that are not
necessary stats based. Some of these probably should have a underscore
to indicate these are not for external use.
c) Summary statistic: Usually provides one or more descriptive statistics
d) Test: Usually involves some sort of testing. I also included the
correlation measures here.
e) Probability function: renamed functions from special that perhaps
should not be defined here.

Comment: Possible actions like depreciate. The question mark indicates
that I thought that the function might be a repeat or variant of other

If anyone feels I have the wrong location then just say so. Also some
functions may be special cases of others and thus could be

Please correct any errors as there should be some.

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