[SciPy-dev] Milestones status update

d_l_goldsmith@yaho... d_l_goldsmith@yaho...
Tue Jul 28 15:36:26 CDT 2009

Un-led categories not near "Goal met":

"Masked Arrays," "Masked Arrays IV," "Operations on Masks," "Even More MA Functions, I and II," "Other Math," "Other Array Subclasses," "Numpy Internals," and "C-Types" (these last two are noted as (probably) needing Expert attention).

Led categories still needing work:

"Financial Functions," (> 50% GM) "Random Number Generation," (> 57% GM) "Masked Arrays III" (> 80% GM).

Objects & namespaces w/ "white" un-categorized attributes:

broadcast, arrayprint (one), chararray (many!), matrix (many!), memmap, multiarray, numeric (Expert only?), recarray, record, scalarmath, umath, ctypeslib (one, Expert only!), distutils (many, Expert only!), doc, dtype (one), fftpack_lite, generic (many!), arrayterator, scimath, shape_base (one), stride_tricks, utils, testing (decorators, nosetester, utils), 
ufunc (one), void



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