[SciPy-dev] Minutes from last week's Marathon Skypecon and Reminder for next one

David Goldsmith d_l_goldsmith@yahoo....
Mon Jun 22 11:45:36 CDT 2009

Hi, folks!  This week's Numpy Doc Summer Marathon Skypecon will be Wednesday, June 24, 19:00 UTC (15:00 EDT, for example).  And below are Minutes of the last week's.  Bye,


Numpy Doc Summer '09 Marathon
June 18, 2009 Skypecon Minutes

Start: 12:30 UTC
End: 13:15 UTC

David Goldsmith, Secretary
Joe Harrington
Stefan van der Walt


Low recruitment

    Stefan suggested putting out very specific, small goals as less intimidating
    Joe suggested a weekly goal, e.g., a particular category each week to try to finish off
    Joe suggested appealing to prominent individuals in target constituencies, asking them to appeal to their constituencies for volunteers
    Joe also noted that low production so far can be interpreted by the volunteer pool as low general interest, i.e., show some production and we may see greater recruitment

Low Skypecon participation

    discussed time zone differences and tried to come up w/ a time that might be more universally "user-friendly"; arrived at Wednesday's, 19:00 UTC
    decided to check this time w/ VIP's

Review procedure

    Discussed dividing the review requirement into two separate reviews, a technical review and a presentation review, both of which need to pass before the item can be passed on to the proof stage
    Decided that this should be vetted by the scipy-dev community before making implementation of it an "issue" on pydocweb

Wiki features

    Discussed addition of a "click on a name, get a list of that person's work" feature to the Wiki; subsequently added as an issue on pydocweb

    Discussed auto-updating and caching the Milestones page periodically to reduce load times; subsequently added as an issue on pydocweb

Relationship between the docstrings, the reference rst files, and the Wiki

    This discussion became rather fragmented - uncertain if any real "center" coalesced


    Had technical difficulties, primarily w/ DG being dropped, ultimately had to resort to group text messaging, which was awkward


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