[SciPy-dev] Definition of class multiarray

Robert Kern robert.kern@gmail....
Fri Jun 26 15:30:53 CDT 2009

On Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 15:28, David Goldsmith<d_l_goldsmith@yahoo.com> wrote:
> --- On Fri, 6/26/09, Robert Kern <robert.kern@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Goldsmith<d_l_goldsmith@yahoo.com>
>> wrote:
>> >
>> > OK, tried to figure it out myself, but:
>> >
>> > Do ndarray.<method>s which have an "equivalent"
>> numpy.<method> actually call the numpy method to
>> operate on self?
>> Note that the latter are called functions, not methods.
> Sorry, of course, my bad.
>> Where there is
>> an equivalence, the function calls the method, not vice
>> versa. Take a
>> look at the source of numpy.std, for instance.
> Interesting; why?

It's much easier to implement that way.

> Because presently we're doing the doc the other way: if someone does help(ndarray.<method>) (and there's an equivalent numpy function) they're referred to the function for (detailed) help. :-)  Granted, this "reversal" probably doesn't matter since which is calling which isn't typically seen by the user, but I just thought I'd note it in case anyone has a problem with it (and thus wants to discuss it further).

It really doesn't matter.

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