[SciPy-dev] Continuous Wavelet Transform for SciPy

Sean Arms lesserwhirls@gmail....
Mon Mar 2 21:25:29 CST 2009


       My name is Sean Arms and I'm a graduate student at the University of
Oklahoma in the School of Meteorology.  As part of my PhD research, I'm
studying coherent structures in atmospheric boundary layer turbulence,
primarily using in-situ observations and, secondarily, Direct Numerical
Simulation (DNS) output.  One common approach for detecting coherent
structures in observational datasets relies on the use of the global wavelet
power spectrum as estimated from a continuous wavelet transform (CWT).  I
know SciPy has a DWT impementation, and I've already been in contact with
Filip.  He recommeded that I post my code in hopes that it would add some
momentum to the python-cwt development and create some feedback (I'm
currently looking for a good place to post my code).  I've implemented the
CWT using pure python (that is, I did not write any C extension code myself
- nothing to build), along with one mother wavelet (second derivitive of a
Gaussian, or the Mexican Hat) - I'll be adding more Mother wavelets as I go
along.  I've made it a point to (try to) design my MotherWavelet class to be
easily extendable.  I'm working on documentation and a few tests at the
moment, but so far my code compares well with other wavelet routines.

     The point of this email is to introduce myself and let the SciPy dev
community know that I am willing to help develop CWT support for SciPy -
I'll already be doing the work for my research, so I might as well put in
the extra effort to make is usable by the larger community!


Sean Arms
Graduate Research Assistant
School of Meteorology
University of Oklahoma
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