[SciPy-dev] talkbox scikit

Georg Holzmann grh@mur...
Tue Mar 3 11:45:27 CST 2009


> No, no, music is definitely welcomed. Actually, I only do speech
> because it pays my bill :) And a talkox is mainly used for music,
> after all.

OK, thats fine ;)

> There are only two big requirements:
>  - I do want a pure python implementation for everything (with
> optional C/Cython).
>  - It should be under the BSD. I hope that at least some of it will be
> included in scipy at some point.

Yes I know - no problems !

> The organization is quite messy ATM, I have not thought too much about
> it. The difference between features and fbanks is not clear, for
> example. The good news is that I may well be the only user of talkbox
> for now, so if you have a better suggestion, we can break things,

OK, so I will put all the filter parameter stuff into fbanks ...


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