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Georg Holzmann grh@mur...
Tue Mar 3 12:57:55 CST 2009


> I think it does. IANAL, but at least morally, I would be pretty pissed
> to release a GPL code and seeing a BSD code with same interface and
> "similar" implementation afterwards.

hm, I can of course change the interface (and don't mention the author 
of the code, just the author of the paper) - but that sounds somehow 
silly to me ...

> I think you should check with the original developer - my experience is
> that at least in academia, people who release things under the GPL do
> not mind releasing under the BSD (they chose GPL by default). This is of
> course not always the case, though,

OK - I will. But is it enough if I write him a mail if that is ok and he 
says yes ?
Or must this be in a more formal way ...


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