[SciPy-dev] Git-svn sub-optimality

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Sat Mar 7 17:56:09 CST 2009

Hi David (& other prospective git-svn users),

I just ran into a speedbump with git-svn and using the Git mirror:


In short: apparently git-svn does not automatically track SVN commits 
appearing elsewhere than locally via `git-svn fetch/rebase`. So if you 
want to `dcommit` after `git fetch`ing from the mirror or from someone 
else, the database of git-svn needs to be rebuilt:

    rm -rf .git/svn
    git svn rebase -l

Otherwise, the `dcommit` will shove bogus changesets to SVN. (Ouch!)

Pauli Virtanen

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