[SciPy-dev] cmake build system for scipy

Ondrej Certik ondrej@certik...
Sun Mar 8 23:39:12 CDT 2009


I started to write cmake build system for scipy, so that it

a) can compile in parallel
b) compiles on all systems out of the box (currently it fails in
Debian without patching)

It's in my cmake branch:


Currently it only compiles part of the sparsetools, but it works with
f2py and the templates (.src -> .f), so I am posting it here in case
anyone would like to take it and finish it.
Unfortunately I am very busy, so I don't know when I have time to work
on it more.

Is there some reason why the scipy package cannot be build inplace?
There are some checks for that:

ImportError: Error importing scipy: you cannot import scipy while
    being in scipy source directory; please exit the scipy source
    tree first, and relaunch your python intepreter.

So I guess there are good reasons for that. cmake supports both
inplace and outplace build, but as scipy doesn't seem to work inplace
anyway, I'll just support the "make install" way.


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