[SciPy-dev] Initial tests for optimize.fsolve()

Stéfan van der Walt stefan@sun.ac...
Sun Mar 22 15:46:31 CDT 2009

Hi Yosef

2009/3/22 Yosef Meller <mellerf@netvision.net.il>:
> Added a test problem and two initial tests that just check that nothing
> croaks: a run without a jacobian and a run with a jacobian.

Thanks for your contribution!

> Now, I kind of lost track of the whole workflow discussion, so please tell
> me what process to follow to get this in.

Attach your patch to a ticket, and mark the ticket as "Ready for Review".

> Also, is the huge docstring in TestFSolve.pressure_network() an overkill?

That's an interesting test case!  The docstring is informative, so I
don't think we need to remove it.


P.S. If you are interested, here are some minor nitpicks about
formatting.  I don't include it in the main message, because it won't
make the difference between a positive and negative review:

The paragraph with the formulas can be marked up with two colons:

+        the pressures and flows in a system of n parallel pipes::
+          f_i = P_i - P_0, for i = 1..n
+          f_0 = sum(Q_i) - Qtot

Remember the space after the paramter name:

+        flow_rates: float  ->  flow_rate : float

Sentences are capitalised with full stops:

+            A 1D array of n flow rates [kg/s].

According to PEP08, spaces should be inserted between operators
(although you'll see this "rule" being broken all over SciPy):

+        P = k*flow_rates**2  ->  k * flow_rates**2

I guess that could also be k * flow_rates ** 2, but that doesn't feel
quite right.

Remove the extraneous whitespace at the end and beginning of certain lines.

+        jac[:n-1,:n-1] = pdiff
+        jac[:n-1,n-1]  = 0
+        jac[n-1,:]     = np.ones(n)

Do not align equal marks (according to PEP08).

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