[SciPy-dev] Porting SciPy to Py3k GSOC project

ross smith rjsm@umich....
Sun Mar 22 21:11:18 CDT 2009

Hello everyone,

I am interested in porting SciPy/NumPy to Py3k.  I've been working this past
school year to port an existing code base to py3k for a research group on
campus.  A lot of the code relies on SciPy and NumPy but the scope of my
project didn't let me work on porting either project, to my dismay.  I'd
love the opportunity to port a project I use heavily in my own code and gain
a better understanding of how it works.

We are supposed to contact the group we would be working with, to flesh out
the details of our application.  I've looked at the application and the only
thing I know I'll need significant help with is the Milestones portion.  Of
course,  Any and all suggestions are welcome!

thank you,

Ross Smith

(Gaurdro on Freenode)
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