[SciPy-dev] recommended compiler for distributing scikits windows binaries

Matt Knox mattknox.ca@gmail....
Mon Mar 23 12:56:30 CDT 2009

Pierre and I are preparing to do a first official release of the timeseries
scikit once numpy 1.3 is released and I was just wondering what compiler I
should be using to distribute binaries for windows.

What compiler is being used to build the official numpy binaries? MinGW? or
MSVC? I assume it is recommended to use the same compiler for building numpy C
extensions that was used to build numpy itself?

Also, do I need to compile separate versions using each of the binaries included
in the numpy superpack installers and thus create a "superpack" of my own for
the C extensions to work with all versions? or is that only needed for the lower
level numpy library itself? The C code in question doesn't do anything fancy,
just uses the basic numpy C api. And will binaries compiled against the current
numpy 1.3 beta version continue to work properly with the final released version?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

- Matt

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