[SciPy-dev] Porting SciPy to Py3k GSOC project

David Huard david.huard@gmail....
Wed Mar 25 09:15:31 CDT 2009

2009/3/24 Charles R Harris <charlesr.harris@gmail.com>

> 2009/3/24 ross smith <rjsm@umich.edu>
>> Just to summarize what I'm seeing.
>> Porting all three (distutils, NumPy and SciPY) is going to be a too
>> ambitious idea for a summer.  Likewise,  all the work necisary to get even
>> NumPy to compile would make it a poor project as well.
>> on the other hand, porting relevant parts of NumPy to Cython would take a
>> more reasonable amount of work,  and would provide more room for testing and
>> bug squashing during the summer as well as helping with the eventual
>> porting. Another possible project is to port f2py, a smaller project that's
>> all python that would be valueable to the overall porting of the code.
If you look at numpy/f2py/src, you'll see fortranobject.c and

>> I don't have any experience (yet) with cython so I'm a little worried
>> about the learning curve associated with it. I'd tend to lean toward the
>> porting of f2py as the project I'd be interested in.  Possibly with the
>> addition of a design document for what specifics will need to be done to get
>> Numpy completely ported.
>> I haven't had the chance to look at f2py yet, but I'll put together a
>> rough outline of a timeline for the f2py and Cython projects and post back
>> for your thoughts.
>> -Ross
> If you go the f2py route it might be worth while to think about ways of
> testing it. Can't say I have many ideas about how to do it myself. It could
> also be interesting to just try running it with the python2.6 flag to see
> what turns up.
> The original author of the code was  Pearu Peterson,<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jp0RCdYtl3Y>but he is no longer maintaining it. I don't know what his current plans are,
> he has moved development elsewhere and has a real job that is taking up most
> of his time.

My understanding is that Pearu still maintains the code in the sense that he
fixes the occasional bugs, but does not actively develop it anymore. He
started a refactoring of the code known as f2py g3 which is hosted at
http://launchpad.net/f2py/ but this project seems to be on hold for the
If you wish to work on f2py, I suggest you make sure he has some time to act
as mentor for this project.

I am wondering if you'll be able to test f2py if the numpy core is not
ported first ?



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