[SciPy-dev] NumPy f2py GSOC project

ross smith rjsm@umich....
Thu Mar 26 12:00:09 CDT 2009


I've done some looking at what will be required for the project.

1.  port f2py to Cython (Py3k).
    a. begin porting the C code to python, without worrying about
speed-ups.  Instead focusing on proper runtime behavior
    b. ask community to help with providing fortran code to test proper
runtime behavior.
    c. develop small test suit of fortran/python code for problem cases.
    d. Fix major bugs introduced from porting.
    e. Document code, (docstrings)
    f. Beginning modifying code for speedier execution

Midterm eval:
    a.  Have f2py code all ported to Cython and compiling.
    b.  Have at least 5 tests written and working in ported code.
Final Eval
   a.  Major bugs found during the summer squashed.
   b.  f2py compiling and running as expected  for all test cases.
   c.  Documentation completed for Cython code.

I'd happily stay on to bugfix once the summer is done.  I'd still be a
student so my availability would be limited at times.

Comments ans Suggestions, as always, are welcome.

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