[SciPy-dev] NumPy f2py GSOC project

Kurt Smith kwmsmith@gmail....
Thu Mar 26 15:44:30 CDT 2009

2009/3/26 ross smith <rjsm@umich.edu>:
> When I looked at that one,  It seemed to me like they are trying to use it
> to bind fortran and C together with only a thin, fairly transparent python
> layer in the middle.

Actually, it's more like binding Fortran to Python/Cython and
enhancing the ability to pass numpy arrays and python buffer objects
to external fortran code.  The "f2c" capability (with fortran 2003 ISO
C bindings) is just gravy ;-)  The "python layer" will likely have to
do a good bit of work to make the passing of arrays seamless to the
user and minimize the copying of arrays.


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