[SciPy-dev] NumPy f2py GSOC project

ross smith rjsm@umich....
Thu Mar 26 17:57:20 CDT 2009

 >What part will be ported to Cython? As I
>understand it, a) f2py itself is entirely written in Python already, b)
>it generates a C module much like Cython does, which must currently be
>kept Py2 because of the NumPy dependency.

the fortranobject is written in C, and would be ported to Cython.  also,
much of the python code could be ported to cython for some speedup and to
make the code 'python neutral'.  Cython would do the heavy lifting of
generating valid python (2 or 3) code when it is compiled, so the code
wouldn't have to be ported by hand when the rest of Numpy is ported.

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