[SciPy-dev] NumPy f2py GSOC project

Charles R Harris charlesr.harris@gmail....
Thu Mar 26 23:30:44 CDT 2009

2009/3/26 ross smith <rjsm@umich.edu>

> >What part will be ported to Cython? As I
> >understand it, a) f2py itself is entirely written in Python already, b)
> >it generates a C module much like Cython does, which must currently be
> >kept Py2 because of the NumPy dependency.
> the fortranobject is written in C, and would be ported to Cython.  also,
> much of the python code could be ported to cython for some speedup and to
> make the code 'python neutral'.  Cython would do the heavy lifting of
> generating valid python (2 or 3) code when it is compiled, so the code
> wouldn't have to be ported by hand when the rest of Numpy is ported.

So you intend for the output file to be in cython? I suppose the reasoning
here is that that would solve c-level compatibility problems. I'm not sure
that's the best way to go, it introduces a dependency on cython python3.0
and numpy support and I don't know where that stands. Maybe Dag can comment.
I don't think rewriting the parser itself in cython is a good idea.

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