[SciPy-dev] fast sorting of most numpy array types

Andrew Schein andrew@andrewschein....
Thu May 7 09:32:54 CDT 2009

Hi developers -

I have recently release highly optimized type-specific C routines for
sorting arrays of numeric types:

The code was motivated in part by noting that the numpy implementation of
sort appears to be a template-ized (over comparison) quicksort... and radix
sort is often the better choice.  Actually, it has been a few months since I
looked at the numpy source, so don't quote me.  The usort routines use a
variety of strategies depending on the size of the array: radix sort, quick
sort, insertion sort.

I think the code could easily be incorporated in to numpy... and if there is
interest in accepting such a change, I might find time to do it myself.



Andrew I. Schein
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