[SciPy-dev] adding mpfit to scipy optimize (Please respond)

william ratcliff william.ratcliff@gmail....
Fri May 8 15:09:35 CDT 2009

Hi!  For a long time, there has been a standard package used by IDL users
for fitting functions to data called MPFIT:

It allows the user to limit the domain (simple box limits), fix parameters,
etc.  It also returns errors on the parameters based on the covariance
Essentially, it translates MINPACK to IDL and adds some nice features (like
the ability to fix parameters).  Some time later, Mark Rivers translated
this to python for use with Numeric, and Sergei Koposov migrated the
code to numpy
and added several bug fixes from the Numeric version of the code.  We've
been working with the author of the IDL package, Craig Markwardt to include
the additional bug fixes which he has added.

I have written a nose-test compatible test.  Could someone look at it and
tell me if it meets the scipy style before I continue adding more tests from
Craig's test-suite for the C version of his program?  Also, what else would
we need to do to include this in scipy?  Mark Rivers, Craig, and Sergey have
agreed to a BSD license for their contributions.


I realize that in my previous email, the attachment with the files were
scrubbed.  They can be found at:

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