[SciPy-dev] Setup doesn't pickup Intel Fortran compiler

Matthieu Brucher matthieu.brucher@gmail....
Fri May 29 05:33:38 CDT 2009

> It seems indeed that the Fortran detection is tricky ;)
> I've deleted some compilers in 'linux', and I had to add intel in
> 'posix'. I had to use intelem for 'linux' as I use a 64bits processor,
> which is thus the EM64T compiler. For 'posix', it works as long as I
> do not export LD_PRELOAD with something ld doesn't like.
> So know, it works, safe for the fact that f77_opt is fortran and not ifort.
> Matthieu, one step closer to using the correct Fortran compiler...

OK, I found what's missing. In distutils/scons.py, you only test for
intel, not intele or intelem, which means the name is then fortran
instead of ifort. (line 109).

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