[SciPy-dev] Generic polynomials class (was Re: Volunteer for Scipy Project)

Josh Lawrence josh.k.lawrence@gmail....
Fri Oct 16 16:11:43 CDT 2009

Hey all,

I'm chiming in here after following this post. I am highly interested  
and excited about the resulting tools. Keep up the good work!

On Oct 16, 2009, at 3:58 PM, Anne Archibald wrote:

> * Should we try to accommodate complex variables? Complex  
> coefficients?

FWIW, scipy's polynomial stuff would be must less valuable (not quite  
worthless, but close) to me if in general they did not support complex  
domains and ranges. Contour integration stuffs are just too valuable  
for a lot of my research. So a huge +1 to complex domains and ranges  
for these polynomial objects.


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