[SciPy-dev] scipy doc milestones duplicates and triplicates

josef.pktd@gmai... josef.pktd@gmai...
Wed Oct 21 22:55:21 CDT 2009

I looked at http://docs.scipy.org/scipy/Milestones/Milestones_11/

and the list is huge, however, many functions are in there either as
duplicates (those imported into scipy.stats.*) or as triplicates

Are functions supposed to be listed in the module, e.g.
scipy.stats.stats, or the package name, scipy.stats?

Individual distributions are listed as class, and twice as instances

# scipy.stats.distributions.nbinom
# scipy.stats.distributions.nbinom_gen
# scipy.stats.nbinom

None of the docstrings of the individual distributions can actually be
edited since they are autogenerated (except for the extradoc).

Any idea what the milestones should look like in this case, or is it
too early to ask?


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