[SciPy-dev] ndimage - docfiller and output_type

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Sun Oct 25 11:27:53 CDT 2009


>> Some options to fix this:
>> 1. remove the filters docstrings from the doc wiki
>> 2. make the doc wiki understand the decorator
>> 3. remove the decorator, and do some copy-paste'ing of parameter
>> descriptions
>> 4. remove the decorator, and refer to a single description of those
>> parameters outside the docstring.
>> I would have a preference for 3 or 4, mostly because it's easier and more
>> robust. Would you like a patch for either of those options?
> Update: someone decided to work on the filters docs last night during the
> sprint, so the @docfiller markup will be wiped out by the next doc merge
> unless we decide it is important and fix it.

I wrote the original docfiller, so I should probably say that:

For this situation, where there are many functions with the same set
of parameters, and the parameters require significant explanation, it
would be good to have some mechanism to keep track of the overlap.  If
we separate the docstrings, it's difficult to imagine that they will
stay in sync, if people are editing them on the doc wiki.   The
docfiller pattern is one I'd already used on the matlab IO code, for
the same reason.   I think it's relatively easy to keep track of
what's going on using SVN, so it would be a shame if we lost the
ability to sync docstring components by using the wiki...



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