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Wed Sep 2 20:06:22 CDT 2009

On Wed, Sep 2, 2009 at 8:37 PM, Janto Dreijer<jantod@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Josef!
> It's almost 3am over here and about to fall asleep, so please excuse
> any grammatical curiosities.
> I wrote the scikits website and would just like to confirm some of
> your suspicions.
> As you probably noticed your package automatically appeared at
> http://scikits.appspot.com/statsmodels because it is listed on PyPI.
> My initial design thoughts were to have the scikits site piggy-back on
> PyPI. It's currently configured to search PyPI for packages with
> "scikits" in its name. It also scans
> http://svn.scipy.org/svn/scikits/trunk for packages. And yes,
> unfortunately, it does not seem as if PyPI has any field for
> repository information.
> Whether any of this should change, is in my opinion, debatable. The
> scikits website is currently supposed to just be an index of available
> packages. PyPI looks to be focused on listing "versioned" releases for
> easy_install and not active repository code.
> So I think the best place for repo checkout instructions are on the
> package's own website. If you have different ideas on this, I'd be
> happy to reconsider and change things.
> Regards
> Janto

If there is no easy way of getting the repository information into it,
it's ok with me.
Since it is picking up the description from pypi it is possible to
include additional

However, in the case of no repository information, removing "svn checkout" would
look better and would not raise the comment, that we received about this.

Source code
You can get the latest sources from the repository using
svn checkout

And maybe also remove conditionally the empty " Source Repository:  "
line so that
it doesn't look so unfinished.

Overall relying on a fixed pattern doesn't seem to work well, for
example pymat, which is only
in svn has a link to pypi :

You can download the latest distribution from PyPI here:

A scikit that is under development and doesn't have yet a pypi
release, and is not under
svn in scipy.org, doesn't seem to have a way to get listed.
This wasn't really relevant for us, because we only decided two weeks
ago, that we will distribute
statsmodels as a scikits.

So, if development pattern become more diverse, then a more flexible
way of getting the correct
information into scikits.appspot seems to be necessary.

On the other hand, being very quickly picked up after the pypi upload
without any additional work
was very nice.

For us this would be just cosmetic changes, so it doesn't bother me much.


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