[SciPy-dev] [Fwd: Re: license status of your code on netlib]

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Thu Sep 10 20:04:35 CDT 2009

>2009/9/10 Eric Firing <efiring@hawaii.edu>:
>To read things like " 1) Go with GPL and lose the mind-share of the
>private sector 2) Forgo GPL code and retain the contribution of the
>private sector." is just plain stupid in a day and age that private
>companies spend huge amounts in releasing and writing (L)GPL code.
>The same shoe just does not fit all feet, also many companies fear BSD
>for their own products they want to open source.

Well I can assure you that at *my* company, we cannot use GPL code. The simple
reason is that we have subsidiaries that are not fully owned - some are 51%
owned by the local government, and so if we use GPL code in our internal
software, the viral provisions are triggered and we have to expose our
proprietary internal code. So we don't use it. At least that is what our
lawyers have told me. We like BSD. 8-)

So when we hire outside developers - they can't use GPL code. 

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