[SciPy-dev] Time for a reality check

David Goldsmith d.l.goldsmith@gmail....
Mon Sep 14 18:02:02 CDT 2009

Hi, folks!  I'm having a heIluva time trying to get pydocweb to run without
"crashing" on my Kubuntu 9.0.4 install with Python2.6 and Django  1.0.2-1: I
can runserver, view the front page, create and login to an admin account,
view the control panel, enter and make changes in the admin site, but when I
try to Pull from sources, I get either a slough of permission denied errors
(if I didn't sudo manage.py) or (if I do sudo manage.py, which Pauli has
since told me I should not have to do) a

DjangoUnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xe2 in
position 7504: ordinal not in range(128). You passed in

where <string> is longer than my Terminal's line retention buffer
(which is 1000 lines).

Pauli has me delving ever deeper into the pull scripts, but can't
confirm that there isn't something in pydocweb that makes it
incompatible w/ Python2.6, and is too busy
w/ his dissertation (which I certainly understand) to help me
substantially further.

So, before I agonize any more, I'm hoping to find out: 0) if _anyone_
is presently successfully running (including the Pull from sources
pydocweb under Python2.6 and Django 1.0.2-1; and 1) even if someone(s)
is (are), if someone else running Python2.6 might be willing to take
the time to try
to install and run pydocweb (and all it's prereqs., of course) and let
me know if they can successfully Pull from sources.


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