[SciPy-dev] SciPy SVN compilation on SnowLeopard

Pierre GM pgmdevlist@gmail....
Tue Sep 15 11:38:55 CDT 2009

I'm banging my head on some configuration issues for Scipy on Mac OS  
10.6. I followed the recommendations from this site [http://blog.hyperjeff.net/?p=160 
], but there's obviously something very wrong in my system: _csr,  
spline, numpyio cannot be loaded because of a wrong architecture.
(for example, the SciPy test suite gives me ImportError: dlopen(/Users/ 
pierregm/Computing/workspace/scipy-dev/scipy/io/numpyio.so, 2): no  
suitable image found.  Did find:  /Users/pierregm/Computing/workspace/ 
scipy-dev/scipy/io/numpyio.so: mach-o, but wrong architecture)

Any hint would be welcome.

And as a side note, I have to confirm bug #1194 of numpy (I have to  
symlink libnpymath.a to somewhere it could be found).

Here are some relevant details

gcc --version : i686-apple-darwin10-gcc-4.2.1 (GCC) 4.2.1 (Apple Inc.  
build 5646) (from Xcode 3.2, 64b)

gfortran --version : GNU Fortran (GCC) 4.2.3 (from

gfortran -m64 -v : Using built-in specs.
Target: i686-apple-darwin8
Configured with: /Builds/unix/gcc/gcc-4.2/configure --prefix=/usr/ 
local --mandir=/share/man --program-transform-name=/^[cg][^.-]*$/s/ 
$/-4.2/ --build=i686-apple-darwin8 --host=i686-apple-darwin8 -- 
target=i686-apple-darwin8 --enable-languages=fortran
Thread model: posix
gcc version 4.2.3

F77=“gfortran -m64”
FC=“gfortran -m64”

buildlog: http://pastebin.com/m11b9627d

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